Bob Maier adds his own style of humor to his love and knowledge of America's favorite beverage. Along with his semi-famous parody “In the Beginning”, he shares facts and  stories about beer and beer drinkers.
Teaming with well-known artist Bill Messner Loebs, Maier gives a twist to poetry and quotations from A.E. Housman, Frank Zappa, Dave Barry and more! Anyone who drinks beer, or knows someone who does, will love
Chicken Wings for the Beer Drinker’s Soul.
Chicken Wings For The Beer Drinker's Soul
A Compendium of Beer Related Humor, Quotations, Facts and Recipes
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It includes
Angel Hunting in North America
Timmy the Tinkler
Father’s Day
Rat Bard Memories
Fourth of July
In The Beginning
Enkidu and Shamhat
Hathor and Sekhmet
Greego and Urquat
From Where I Sit
Beer and Food

Non-Fiction Articles:
Beer . . . What it is
An overview of beer ingredients and brewing
Talking About Beer
A glossary of beer related terms
Styles of Beer
A dictionary of beer styles

The recipes are for foods that go well with beer or have beer as an ingredient. They were written by cookbook author and editor Nadine Messner-Loebs. They include:
Smoky Mustard Greens & White Bean Soup
Creole Mayonaise
Bacon Beer Bread
... and more!

Cover Art by:  Brian Germain